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Our Swan Song on Swans

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This week we had fun looking at one of this season’s hottest design trend for kids’ fashion – swans!  In case you missed it, our Outfit of the Week featured a swan dress and swan tights from Bang Bang Copenhagen.  Then we showed you the most amazing swan boots (for girls) and booties (for baby girls) from Stella McCartney Kids.  And then we played Guess That Designer with an embroidered reversible satin bomber jacket from Little Marc Jacobs that, of course, features swans.

We’re wrapping up this week of resisting Billy Madison quotes by sharing our final swan picks from a wide variety of designers and stores!  We found everything from snowsuits to swimsuits and prices ranging from $9.99 to, well, more than that.  😉  We’d love to know what your favorites are!  Leave us a comment and let us know!

Blog Swan Outerwear Swimwear Accessories

A.  Stella McCartney Kids:  Beck Swan Waterproof Jacket with Removable Hood ($162.80)

B.  Stella McCartney Kids:  Puddle Swan Hooded Snowsuit ($209.00)

C.  Cat & Jack:  Swan Purse ($9.99)

D.  Stella Cove:  Swan Print One-Piece Swimsuit ($45.00)

E.  Hula Star:  Swan Princess One-Piece Swimsuit ($40.00)


Blog Swan Dresses And Tops


F.  Boden:  Applique Skirt ($60.00)

G.  Hanna Andersson:  Swan Print Dress ($46.00)

H.  Boden:  Jersey Party Dress ($66.00)

I.  Boden:  Fair Isle Cardigan ($55.00)

J.  Boden:  Fairytale Sequin T-Shirt ($32.00)

K.  Tea Collection:  Solasta Tee ($24.50)


And there you have it, the last of our swan posts.  Our swan song on swans.  Now….

Stop Looking At Me Swan


(Almost made it.)

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