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Sale Alert: Burberry!

Deals on high end designers like Burberry don’t come around every day so we’re especially excited to share this sale with you!  The good news is the prices are amazing (up to 40% off!).  The not-so-good news is that sizes are limited so you need to act fast.  Here are some of our favorite sale pieces!



Burberry Mini Fred Flannel Button Down 1

Burberry Mini Fred Flannel Button Down:  $71.98 (on sale from $120)


Burberry Graham Stripe T Shirt 1

Graham Stripe T-Shirt: $56.98 (on sale from $95)




Burberry Kadyann Check Flannel Dress 1 1

Kadyann Check Flannel Dress:  $146.98 (from $245)


Burberry Natasia Cable Knit Sweater 1 1

Natasia Cable Knit Sweater:  $194.98 (from $325)



Burberry Meow Print Cotton T Shirt 1

Meow Print Cotton T-Shirt:  $44.98 (on sale from $75)

Burberry Mini Peggy Tee 1 1

Mini Peggy Tee:  $50.98 (on sale from $85)
Burberry Mini Celestine Corduroy Dress 1 1

Mini Celestine Corduroy Dress:  $104.98 (from $175)

Burberry Langston Corduroy Skinny Pants 1 1

Langston Corduroy Skinny Pants:  $68.98 (from $115)


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