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Ralph Lauren SALE Round Up!

Ralph Lauren is known for his classic, preppy style which, in our opinion, makes this designer a top pick for holiday parties and family gatherings.  Bloomingdales is running a pretty incredible sale on Ralph Lauren right now and we’ve rounded up our top sale looks for kiddos of every size!


Blog Ralph Lauren Baby

A.  Shawl Collar Coverall:  $17.77 (on sale from $39.50)

B.  Pleated Sweatshirt & Leggings Set:  $24.75 (on sale from $55.00)

C.  Plaid Dress & Bloomers Set:  $24.75 (on sale from $55.00)

D. Half-Zip Sweatshirt:  $20.25 (on sale from $45.00)



Blog Ralph Lauren Big Girl Dresses

A. Corduroy Dress:  $26.77 (on sale from $59.50)

B. Dress with Sash:  $26.77 (on sale from $59.50)

C. Fit and Flare Sheath Dress:  $29.25 (on sale from $65.00)

D.  Flannel Fit and Flare Dress:  $26.77 (on sale from $59.50)



Blog Ralph Lauren Boys

A.  Striped Quarter Zip Sweater:  $22.27 (on sale from $49.50)

B.  Lightweight Twill Plaid Shirt:  $17.77 (on sale from $39.50)

C.  Stretch Chino Pants:  $20.25 (on sale with $45.00)

D.  V-Neck Sweater:  $29.25 (on sale from $65.00)

So many great, classic holiday looks!  Want to see more?  Click here to shop more of the amazing Ralph Lauren sale!

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