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Guess that Designer: Little Marc Jacobs

Once a week, we take to Instagram and Facebook to play Guess That Designer.  Here’s how we play:  we post a close up of a print and YOU guess which designer it belongs to.  (Don’t feel like you know your kids’ designers well enough to play?  Here’s a hint:  the piece we zoom in on is always somewhere on our site because we love it and want to show to you!  But can you find it?)

ANYWAY!  This week we gave a sneak peak of this incredible reversible embroidered satin bomber jacket from…(dramatic pause)….Little Marc Jacobs!

Little Marc Jacobs Satin Bomber Jacket 5

In case you’ve missed this post and that post, we’re talking swans on the Boutique Blog this week because, well, they’re in and we love them.  We couldn’t resist working some swans into Guess That Designer!  This trendy bomber jacket is fun inside and out!


Little Marc Jacobs Satin Bomber Jacket 2

Little Marc Jacobs Satin Bomber Jacket 1


We’re hoping we can get more and more people to play along with Guess that Designer so be sure to tell your friends and family about it!  When we hit 1,000 followers on Facebook, there just maaaay just be some prizes involved for playing…

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